AYO - starring Voices of Glory

Voted Matinee Show of the Year!

(2013 - Critic's Choice Awards)

While Voices of Glory (Michael, Avery and Nadia Cole) were in the To 5 in their America's Got Talent season; today in AYO ...they're in a league all their own! Audiences are raving about Branson's newest smash hit and you will too! AYO starring Voices of Glory adds a whole new level to the Branson show scene and delivers an epic adventure in pitch perfect sound, light, dance, and joyful emotion! From New York to Branson...Performing Everything from Pop to Jazz to Gospel to Soul and So Much More! America's Got Talent Top 5 Finalist! Avery, Branson Young Female Entertainer of the Year! Nadia (Branson Show Awards) Michael

Ayo Starring the Voices of Glory

About Voices of Glory

vog-bwThe Voices of Glory are a group of siblings (Michael, Avery, & Nadia Cole) whose unique style of singing harmonies, pitch perfect sound, and shining personalities have led to some amazing success at a young age. From landing in the top 5 of America’s Got Talent in 2009 to touring internationally, performing at the Annual GMA’s Dove Awards, the 2010 & 2011 ICM Awards, at Madison Square, to being a featured act in Andy Williams 2012 Christmas Show and now to their own show, Ayo, in Branson, Missouri, the Voices of Glory have inspired millions with their personal story. They started to sing together in 2007 when their mother was in a coma brought on by a head-on collision with a drunk driver. For months they serenaded their mother and she eventually came out of a coma. TheVoicesOfGlory.com


Branson's Matinee Show of the Year!

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