Dinner Theatre

Enjoy a chef-inspired meal before any 8 PM show!

Enjoy a chef-inspired meal before any 8 PM show!

Dinner In the Theatre

Enjoy dinner with any 8 PM show at the Hughes Brothers Celebrity Dinner Theatre.

Gourmet Meal

The Star Menu includes salad, entree, dessert and all meals are served with our signature hot rolls and real butter.

Great Value

Adding dinner to your 8 PM ticket is a great value and beats the traffic, too!

2020 Dinner Menu Hughes Brothers Celebrity Dinner Theatre

Dinner Theatre

The Star


Fresh garden greens with English cucumbers, tomatoes & red onions
Topped with seasoned croutons & choice of chef inspired dressings.


Slowly roasted pork-loin drizzled with a savory balsamic reduction
Along with an herb roasted chicken breast topped with a homemade vegetable ratatouille
Served with roasted baby potatoes & lightly seasoned fresh green beans


Luxurious dark chocolate mousse
Topped with a heavenly light whipped cream & fresh raspberries.

Unlimited Tea & Coffee:

And don't forget the rolls and real butter, too!
Dinner Theatre


Visit the Show Schedule Calendar and choose the date. Then in ticket choices, make sure you add “Dinner” with any 8 PM show you choose.