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Out of the clever artistry and inventiveness of the Hughes Brothers comes the brilliantly produced "it" show! "it" is a compilation of 30 years of show biz excellence, wrapped up into a single incredible experience. "it" is 50 amazing singers, dancers, musicians, and performers who combine their astonishing scope of talents to create Branson's Ultimate Entertainment Experience!

It's the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE! The Hughes Brothers & family transport you to a Christmas wonderland filled with the season’s best vocal harmonies, exciting dances, inspiring instrumentals, and of course, the enchantment & light-hearted humor that everyone loves about the Hughes Brothers Show. Along with all the festive surprises and treasured family traditions, see Santa in a new light when he explains the symbols of Christmas in the most moving Christmas presentation you’ve ever witnessed. “It’s a triumph of everything you want to feel at Christmas time.”

Extended commercial for the "it" show at the Hughes Brothers Theatre in Branson, Missouri. SEE it, HEAR it, FEEL it, LOVE it!


  • Hughes Brothers Theatre
  • 3425 W 76 Country Blvd
  • Branson, MO 65616
  • Local - 417.334.0076
  • Fax - 417.337.8400
  • Toll Free - 1.800.422.0076

...where over 50 amazing singers, dancers, and musicians combine their astonishing scope of talent to create...

Branson's Ultimate Entertainment Experience!

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